Friday, June 26, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - The Nyonya Kebaya

This is my first posting for Show and Tell Friday. Thanks to Kellis at for hosting this event.

Im going to share with you fellow bloggers out there - a Nyonya Kebaya once belonged to my late mother. I guessed this kebaya is already more than 45 years old and I have kept it with me for nearly 11 years since she passed away. This kebaya is still in good shape and the embroidery is still neat and in good condition. Kebaya is a tradisional blouse worn by Malaysian women. Normally, it is made from sheer material and is worn with a sarong or kain batik lepas.

A black nyonya kebaya with red embroidery

This kebaya is made from sheer material

Thank you to those who has take the time to stop by. Please visit for more Show and Tell post.


  1. Very pretty. It is nice that it belonged to your Mother.

  2. What a beautiful piece of needlework, and it's special because it reminds you of your mom.

    Here's my Show and Tell:

  3. lawa nya.. baju kebaya.. saya pun ada few pieces.. love the embroidery trimmings.. always pretty dont you think? have a good weekend!

  4. saya suka n3 niee...sebabnya saya mmg suka benda2 berkaitan Baba n Nyonya...depa ni dikenali sebagai King Chinese....Cantik kebaya tu..ada nilai2 sejarah..

  5. Salam Kak Gee...
    I have few collection of my ma's kebaya dulu2 suka pakai kebaya ni kan..yours is very beautiful, esp the embroidery.

  6. I am speechless...this is one item I've never seen before...and it's just simply gorgeous. And such an heirloom

    My Show n Tell is stop by for a spot of tea, won't you? I'd love your company.

  7. That is beautiful!!! and in such fantastic condition.

  8. Can't you send it to me ?? I am sure it would be lovely ON me, lol !

  9. Hello Gee,
    Just stopping by for my first time visit to see your Show and Tell. It is a very beautiful piece and most special as it belonged to your mother. I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit by reading several of your posts.

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, ldh

  10. It is beautiful and I know it means a lot to you.
    Mama Bear

  11. What a treasure to have. It is beautiful, and I never knew that was it's name!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. It is really beautiful. It is always so special to have something that once belonged to our mom's.


  13. That is lovely. I'm sure it makes you smile to look at it.


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