Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Monday

First of all, many thanks to Sally for hosting this great activity - Blue Monday. This is my first posting of Blue Monday. My dear friends please feel free to visit her blog at and those who participating in the event.

Lets enjoy my collection which is in BLUE. Those were once belonged to my late mother.

Thank you for stopping by. I would really appreaciate if you could leave me a comment.


  1. What a wonderful collection! Your china is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Your China is really beautiful. Such a nice color. Do you know the name of the pattern? My Mama used to have a set familiar to this. Unfortunately I don't have any of it.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful dishes.


  3. I have always loved the blue and white china, but never had any other blue decor in the house. These are nice. Have a lovely week.

  4. Salam Kak Gee, welcome aboard! you got lovely collection here! look cottagey.. thanks for sharing. have a great day ahead!

  5. Beautiful dishes must help you to remember good times with your mother. Thank you for sharing. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  6. Lovely BLUES for your very first Blue Monday. Welcome to Blue Monday. What a great treasure to have the dishes that belonged to your treasures. Have a great day!

  7. Your blue dishes are beautiful, and the fact that they were your mom's makes them priceless*!

  8. Howdy
    Welcome to your first Blue Monday .
    A great big Happy Blue Monday to you.
    What a fabulous set of blue dishes you have.
    Thank you for sharing something so wonderful.
    They really are beautiful.
    It's so nice that they belonged to your Mom and now you get to use them and share the joy with so many others.
    Great photos.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Happy Trails

  9. I love blue and white dishes! Hope you had a Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  10. How lovely that you have dishes that once belonged to your mother. That makes them even more special.

  11. I think this is my first visit! I love your blue and white china and know it must be all the more special because it belonged to your mother. It is neat to have things like that handed down from generation to generation. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Salam Gee..welcome to Blue Monday. You hv a wonderful blue china, tq for sharing it with us :-) Hope you had a great Blue Monday :-)

    Lots of luv,

  13. Your china is so pretty. I really like the pattern. Hope you have a good week!


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