Monday, June 15, 2009

Hallyu Korean Wave

Hallyu korean wave - that make many Malaysian women craze for their tele novella. From Winter Sonata back in 2000/2001 to the most recent favourite drama 'Boys Before Flowers' which ended showing in Astro Channel 303 about 2 months ago. I have been collecting many korean vcd and movies ever since the korean fever. Most korean dramas portrayed sensitivity and depth among male characters and attracts many female viewers and Im one of them. I used to buy the vcds but with the free channel 303, I do not buy anymore. Many new dramas is being shown to us through my favourite channel 303.

When my relatives or friends drop by, they seldom see me watching other channels. It seem as if Im korean. I do understand certain words and of course the subtitle helps me a lot. Here are some of my korean vcd and movies. Lets have a cup a coffee and enjoy it visually.


  1. de cte love story in harvard x?Nurul teringin nk tgk cte tu blkk..Huhuhuhu

  2. salam.... kak gee... saya pun dah kira 'hantu citer korea' heheheheehe

    * kalau tak tengok satu siri cerita korea - tak boleh lena hahahahaha (kes berat tu)

    ** saya tengok kat youtube je ;)

    *** baru2 ni tengok citer You're Beautiful - lagu dia best2 - percaya tak, saya tengok sampai 5 kali! pastu tengok lagi - cukuplah kan... :p


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