Friday, July 3, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Its Show and Tell Friday again. Thanks to Kelli at 'There is no place like home' for hosting this great event. Feel free to visit her and those participating in this event.

What Im going to show n tell you is about my love for cats. The love for cats has made me and my family not just rearing them but collecting any stuff with a cat theme. Right now, I have 18 cats at home. Today Im going to share with you my mouse pad collection with pictures of cats. Lets have a look at it and see how cute they are.

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  1. Salam Kak Gee..
    the last picture remind me of my Rainforest...the 1st picture is cute..they are all it :-)

    Lots of luv,

  2. salam kak Gee..

    how do you take care of 18 cats? gosh.. thats really hardwork!.. but your cat photos are darn cute!

  3. Very cute kitty photos and nicely displayed! We have always been 'dog people' but I do think cats are beautiful....

  4. I am a cat lover too. I loved the mouse pads. I would love to see photos of your 18 cats.


  5. sooo sweet n cute aunty!
    nak jugak..

  6. My mom collects cats (both alive and pretty ones), love your mouse pads (kitties on the mouse pad-too funny)

  7. Wonderful. I cannot imagine how many litter boxes you have!

  8. Dulu belum kawin suka sgt kucing2 ni..ada sekor my lovely cat..besar cam anjing kucing persian org kasi. Dah kawin hubby tak suka pets huhuhu sampai ler lor ni memang tak pelihara apa2 pets


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