Sunday, July 26, 2009

Outcome of an easy hunting... (part 2) Black is Beautiful

I was lucky last week to find great finds. I managed to get 7 pieces of black rose platters through what I considered as 'difficult hunting' and what made me felt happier was that I found a teapot with 4 pairs of cup n saucer with the same design through what I considered as an 'easy hunting'. It means a lot to me though I dont get the full set.
'Half a loaf is better than no bread'

Penat berjalan naik pedati
Di hari panas bawah mentari
Gembira sungguh rasa dihati
Ros hitam ada dalam almari

Through an 'easy hunting'

The platter was from my 'difficult hunting'


  1. 'easy hunting' tu mcm mana gee? turun2kanlah petua..untungnya dpt rose hitam cup, saucer and teapot..kat sini jumpa mangkuk dan piring je..

  2. Salam..
    Congrats K.Gee..semakin byk koleksi..suka tgk :-)..

  3. wah... sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit ;)

  4. salam kak gee...

    wah...teko tu gagah megah berdiri...klau complete cam ni baru la black is beautiful....pape pon set ni mmg cantik


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