Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Award From Itajeff

Itajeff at Something to share has honoured me with this Blog De Ouro award. She's a wonderful lady who always take her time to visit me and leave me with a sweet and beautiful comments. I started being a silent reader than became one of her followers since I started blogging about 5 weeks ago. She always has something nice to share and I love the way she delivered her thoughts.

Well Ita, just be who you are and May Allah SWT Bless You.

The slightly amended rules of this award are:

1)Show the award in your blog.

2)Link back to the blog that tagged you.

3)Pass on the award to 8 blogs that you love.

4)Inform the bloggers that they have been awarded.

5)Take your time there’s no pressure, but try to check out the other awarded blogs.

I'd like to share this award with the following bloggers:

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