Friday, July 2, 2010

Specially for Cat Lovers - Part I

Salam to all cat lovers.

Last week, I participated in International Cat Show organised by my cat club - the Malaysian Cat Club. That was the first show for me for the year 2010. I took with me 2 cats and a kitten. There were various breed such as Persian/Exotic, Birman , Maine Coon, Bengal, Sphynx, Siamese/Oriental, American Curl Longhair, Kucing Malaysia and of course the shorthair and longhair household pets. One of the main attraction for the day was the Fancy Cat Dress Competition.

As for today, I am going to share with you my friends, 3 of my cats that took part in the show.

Persona Shareca. She is 11 years old. (My, that is equivalent to 61 years of human age). She got third in her category.

Persona Baby Blue. She also got 3rd placing in her category.

Persona Little Andika. He didnt win any place. There is a fault with his tail.

Below are some of the breed found in the last cat show.


Maine Coon

American Curl Sphynx

I will share with you the fancy cat dress competition in my next posting.

Till then, have a nice weekend.


  1. Salam K.Gee

    congrats to your cats. Comelnya persona little andika...what's wrong wt his tail kak? Persona Baby Blue ada iras2 my noone kan...:) persona shareca pula mcm Nubbie :)...

  2. salam kak gee...
    comel2nya cat akk teringat pd bum..bum yg hilang sampai kini....

  3. salam kak,comelnya kucing,esp yg pesian malas bela kucing,kat rumah takdak nasi lebih.mana nak ada,sndiri pun makan kedai,cukup2 je satu polistrin,hehe
    bela binatang ni,tak kena cara,dapat dosa pulak kan,baik takyah bela.

  4. sukaa la dengan andika tu..we all pun bela kuching gak tapi kucing malaysia jer, previously ada amik breed cat tapi tatau keturunan mana..nak try bela tapi mati.2 ekor lak pastu malas dah ..bela kucing biasa2 aje..

  5. salam kak gee..comel2 kucing kak gee..tahniah to the 2 kitties yg menang..andika tak apa tak menang pun pun, you look so awesome...

  6. Alamak....kucing.Comel2nyeee...geramnyee.Lpas ni boleh kawan dgn Lola+Datuk K+Pak Lola+Miki+Moki+Iyoki.Heee...heee..

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