Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Joy

Happy Monday to all my dear friends.

I'm going to make my posting today short and precise. I have something 'precious' to share with you girls. Atie, one of my staffs entered my room this morning with a very special smile on her face. Its true enough. She is holding a paper bag that contains a tureen.

Lets enjoy it. I dont mind there's a crack and chip. As you can see, the flowers are so beautiful. Luv it very much.

Another joy for me today that will make me smile till end of the week. Thanks so much Atie for continuing supporting my hobbies and passion for vintagey dishes.


  1. kak gee..
    woooooooo..cun giler tureen japan tu akak!!!!!!!!bunganya jarang nak jumpe..untunggggnyaaa akak.. ;)

  2. seronoknya kak gee ada staff yg tahu minat kak gee. bunga tureen tu mmg cantik la kak!!!

  3. salam k.gee..amboi..makin branak pinak nampaknya tureen akak...marbelesssssssssss
    chemp bru ade seketoi..sbb harga tureen nie..mak oiiiiiiiii..copot jantungggggg kuuuuuuuu

  4. salam singgah kak , cantiknya tureen tu kak saya ni cuci mata je la..

  5. Oh how nice! Very pretty colors.

  6. salam k.gee...syantikk nyaa itu tureen...terjuling mata ambo tengok, tergodai man ambo kejap huhuu

  7. salam kak gee! aww you lucky duck! hehehe.. great gift indeed! love the flowers around it!.. totally precious gift!

  8. wah bestnye k gee, siap ada staf yg tau minat k gee... bila la gamanknye saya nak dpt cmni...

    ps: suke tgk collection k gee....

  9. Salam...

    cantiknya pattern bunga tu sweet...:-)


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