Monday, September 7, 2009

Giveaway from Tasha

Made in England
Sorry for not doing any posting for the past 4 days. I dont think Im able to update regularly this week too. My, I got so many things to do. Just dont know where to start. As for today, Im going to share something I received last week. It was a surprise. Its was a giveaway from Tasha @Antique's & 2nd Handz.

Thank you Tasha


  1. cantiknya pinggan tu kak gee!!! like it!!!!

  2. salam kak gee.. congrats dapat adiah giveaway! this is JB Indian tree.. faves in the early 80s.. coz I remember my mom ada the whole set of this Indian Tree ~ tea set & dinning set.. unfortunately, tak bnyk yg survive from my mom's set.. ada yg sumpik, crack and pecah pun ada.. and the best part, my mom decided to adiah kan saya set ni.. hehehe.. nanti saya buat post about this set ya.. hehehe..

  3. salam kak gee..
    wahhh..very lucky!!..lagi untung kak azie ada complete set lagi kan..memang cantik JB Indian Tree nie..nanti kita tgk n3 kak azie pulak..mesti meletopss..hehe

  4. salam k.gee
    wahhhhh..chantek nyer...nie kena collect lg nie..cari pasangan utk mrk..layannn

  5. Wow !!
    Amazing give away ;)
    hugs to all
    Kareltje =^.^=


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