Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cherry Blossom Teaset Collection (Sakura)

Before I begin with my story, let me introduce something that has to do with my posting today.

A cherry blossom is the name for the flower of cherry trees known as Sakura (Japanese kanji : 桜 or 櫻; hiragana: さくら) in Japanese. In English, the word "sakura" is equivalent to the Japanese flowering cherry. Cherry fruit (known in Japanese as sakuranbo) comes from another species of tree. Cherry Blossoms are indigenous to many Asian states including Japan, Korea, China, and India. Japan has a wide variety of cherry blossoms (sakura); well over 200 cultivars can be found there.

(Extract form -

I have a habit and love to collect old dishes especially teaset and teacups and of course roses are the most favourite flowers. Do I like or love cherry blossom?? I do so but sad to say I didnt get the chance to see it in real when visiting Korea last year.

Today I am going to share 2 set of teacups which consist of 13 teacups with 3 different shapes. But I have only 1 teapot to share by all those. I have never used this tea set before. I guessed I will do so in the future. I need to be careful when using as its quite difficult to find a substitute once its broken.

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  1. kak gee...cantik bunga tea set tu!!!

  2. Oh Gee...I love cherry blossums and we have a very pink city here in Vancouver, Canada in spring with all the Japanese and Chinese Cherry trees. Even a festival for them! I just recently bought a cup and saucer at an antique show with cherry blossums on it. I will try and remember to take a photo of it for next will love it! Happy Pink Saturday!


  3. salam kak gee..kak, teko sakura tu, lain sikit kan dari jenis aladin yg biasa2 tu....mesti jenis "jin" jantan agaknya, sebab "lentik" dia kurang...hehehe ;-)...

  4. Good morning Gee, You are entered in the giveaway. I hope you are lucky. :)

    I love your tea set so much. It is so beautiful. For one thing cherry blossoms are my all time favorite pink. Thanks for the history lesson. Good job today.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Your tea set is gorgeous. We planted a Japanese cherry in our garden this year and are really looking forward to its beauty in the spring. Happy pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

  6. salam kak gee... selamat berhujung minggu :)

  7. Thank you for stopping by CollectInTexas Gal this Pink Saturday morning. I felt I just had a wonderful cup of tea with you and your beautiful tea set. Have a wonderful Pink Weekend...Sue

  8. What a LOVELY tea set ;--)
    I enjoyed learning from what you shared in your post and appreciate your visit to my very first Pink Saturday post. It's nice to meet you in this virtual world.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Fabulous cherry blossom lesson! I love learning and admiring gorgeous dishes at the same time. The elongated cups are lovely.

  10. salam kak gee..

    cantik collection kakak.. saya ada 4 set je cawan for this pattern.. keep on hunting kak.. have a great weekend!

  11. Hello, Gee,
    Your tea set is so lovely! I like the way you have it grouped there so prettily in the basket. Also, thank you for letting us know what sakura meant. I have heard the word but no idea what it meant. Happy Pink Saturday!! Vicki

  12. L♥ve your pink goodies this week. Just when I think I have enough pink in my life I participate in Pink Saturday and see even more sweet things I’d enjoy having in my home or flowers for my gardens or just to look at☺ What could be better than the color pink dancing in your head all morning?

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping your weekend is filled with sunshine and the comfort of those you love and who love you.

  13. You have lovely pinks for this Saturday !
    Love from the Netherlands RINI

  14. I love cherry blossoms
    its my favorite color so light pink :)
    Have a wonderful sunday
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  15. how exguisit! I love cherry blossoms :)
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Your tea set is gorgeous. Before we retired we lived on the east coast not far from a place called Branch Brook Park. Each spring there was a display of Japanese cherry trees that rivaled that in Washington DC. It is a gorgeous tree when it is in bloom. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  17. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This is so beautiful!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  18. salam kak gee....

    tea set tu sooo chantek!

  19. Happy Pink Saturday!! I love your lovely cherry blossom china. In Japan they love the Sakura, there is even a song that the little children sing for the Cherry blossoms.
    ♥ Rebecca

  20. Salam K.Gee...

    saya selalu nak Chat dgn akak..tapi baru saya tau ternyata K.gee tak letak Chat box.., saya selalu jer masuk sini tapi bingung nak komen kad mana? hari ini baru saya perasaan rakan2 yg lain komen melaui sini jer..tapi kadang2 nak masuk bag komen nie compiuter slow jer..jadi hari ini saya sangat happy sebab senang nak masuk komen nie..cakap banyak tapi komen nya dikit jer..he..he.
    Sebetulnya saya duk perhatikan ternyata koleksi K.Gee nie memang Waahh...cantik2 semua...apalagi set sakura nie...dah komplit pula..tahniah yer kak.., & selamat menyambut hari raya yg akak segera datang mohon ma'af kalau selama ini ada kata & ucapan saya yg kurang berkenan di hati...tq

  21. I love the pink blooms and the Pink tea cup! Thank You for sharing your Pinks!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. You have the most lovely tea sets. This one is remarkable, the pattern is very sweet.

    If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage...I love company!


  23. Salam K.Gee..
    Cherry blossom @ sakura ni mmg fave ita're lucky to have that teko kak..cantiknya.

  24. I am late in visiting all my Pink girlfriends....the tea pots are so sweet.have a great rest of the week!
    God Bless You.....Kandy


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