Friday, October 9, 2009

One of my favourites.....

Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday are here again. Thanks to Cindy and Beverly for hosting these wonderful event. I am always delighted to participate in both events.

Well, as most of you already knew, I have a great passion for old dishes especially those with the theme pink roses. Today I am going to share with you another collection of mine.

A few months ago, I just had a teapot.
As time running by..........the numbers keep on growing. This is one of my favourite collection. Lets enjoy it and happy viewing.
And now this is what I have. Not much, just a teapot, 7 cups n saucers plus a platter and 3 side plates.

A big thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it my friends. Please visit Cindy and Beverly for more wonderful post of Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Salam K.Gee...
    alahai kak gee comelnyaaaa...mana dpt ni kak..bertuah akak, almost complete dah set ni...tahniah kak...suka ita tgk...cantik sgt

  2. salam kak gee.. hehehehe.. congrats and keep hunting! hehehe.. wah kak dah ada 7 cawan ekk.. pasni bleh lah panggei we all hi tea kat umah kakak..

  3. Pink roses are my favorite :)
    Beautiful dishes !!!!

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  4. pretty, pretty and more pretty! The delicate and lovely so pretty.

    My Show n Tell is another craft project I just finished this week. You can find it here at this link

    Have a glorious weekend.

  5. salam kak memang silent reader romantic home. suka tengok the way cindy present her show n tell friday!! cantik2!! her mosaic also pretty!!

  6. So neat how you keep growing your collection!

  7. salam kak gee...
    wahhhh dah banyak cawan akak tu kan..saya pun cuma ada 3 set..huhu..apapun cantik ler ur pics here..lovely!!..

  8. Very pretty china - I love roses. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very nice dishes, looks very romantic !

  10. I think your set is wonderful! I love pink roses! Stop by for a visit soon!

  11. How fun that you have been able to find more pieces to match. They are beautiful!

  12. Wow! Your collection is growing quite nicely! What luck to find all the pieces you have - just lovely!

  13. Your collection is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Those are so very pretty! I think one of the best things about blogging is finding that so many other woman are hooked on dishes too! It's so fun to see all the collections out there! Thanks for joining in on Show and Tell!

  15. salam k.gee,cantiknya...bertambah semangat sy nak hunting

  16. Where did you find such a pretty tea set? I inherited mine from my late mother. It is white with little blue flowers. Yours is really pretty!

  17. Hello Gee...

    What a beautiful tea set! Ohhh yes, your beautiful collection is growing...isn't it fun to hunt for pieces? Such a pretty pattern...who wouldn't love those pretty pink roses! Thank you for sharing them with us today!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  18. Beautiful collection and growing fast. The pink roses are very pretty and love the shade of pink too. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  19. What a beautiful collection! I love it! And I love how you add to it piece by piece. That always makes it a bit more special because you have a story connected not only to the collection, but to each piece!

  20. THat's what happens when you get the china bug! You start out with 1 and before you know it you have to go out and buy another china closet for your growing collection!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Bee Blesssed,

  21. Your growing collection is lovely! Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. What lovely china. The roses are just beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  23. You have a beautiful collection! I am a self-confessed dishaholic, so I completely understand!

  24. so cute!!!

    Hapy pink saturday!!


  25. Lovely Pink Saturday post and sweet blog, too. Woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground so even thought this isn't Saturday I really needed a boost! Today you made me smile...

    Sorry, I didn't get to see everyone yesterday. I had important business. My 11 year-old grandson was playing football and he wanted Mimi to go to the out-of-town-last-of-the-season-game. THEY WON AGAINST AN UNDEFEATED TEAM! WOO-HOO! 35 - 17☺

    Hope the coming week blesses you with sunshine, happiness and good friends.

  26. Beautiful china.
    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  27. Nice tea sets. Drop us a line when you post about your fuzzy?


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