Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Monday - My Pitcher

Its Monday again and its Blue Monday. Thanks to Sally at SmilingSally for hosting this great event. Ever since I joined Blue Monday 8 weeks ago, I have never missed to post my Blue Monday.

I have quite a number of old enamel pitchers in my possession which once belonged to my beloved late mum. Its old and looks gloomy. So I asked my friend who is decorative artist to paint two of the pitchers and I am so happy to receive it today. They are so lovely and I really love both the pitchers after made over. She painted one in pink and the other one in BLUE. Ok lets have a look.

Thank you Nora .

Those little fingers of yours has turned my pitcher so pretty.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I greatly appreciate your sweet comments.


  1. What a nice friend, to paint something so pretty for you. Thank you for sharing :-)

    Happy Blue Monday!
    Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

  2. Happy Bleu Monday Gee :)
    Its a beautiful piece of art !!
    I love it ...

  3. salam kak gee.... pandai nyer kawan kak gee lukis.... harap satu hari nnt amy dpt lukis mcm dia.... huhuhu

  4. Salam K.Gee..
    cantik kak...roses tu sweet sgt :-)
    Happy Blue Monday

  5. gee cantiknyaaa..brp RM tu ??

  6. Oh, my goodness ... what a beautiful pitcher. Your friend is very talented.

    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  7. What a pretty little pitcher. I love the way you have it displayed.

  8. Gee, that's a lovely pitcher you have there. Your friend is very talented. My grandmother used to paint china (something she learned in college), and I have always admired those with that talent. Your pitcher really is a treasure.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. This is beautiful. Your friend is very talented, and a real gem for giving such a charming gift. Have a great Blue Monday.

  10. Some people are so talented; you are fortunate to have found a friend like Nora. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  11. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    What a wonderful post.
    Great photos.
    Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous treasures with us today.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Happy Trails

  12. Hi Gee
    What a beautiful piece that teapot is. I don't know what it looked like before but is so beautiful one. She does fine work.
    thank you for sharing

  13. Hi Gee,
    I so wish to be able to paint like that.

    But until I can, I enjoy the talents of others.
    Very pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by Hospitality Lane.

    Becky K.

  14. It is pretty. Very pretty, I should say. What a way to transform them - so sweet.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  15. That is an unusual piece. Never seen any like it. So nice that your friend could fix the colors. :)


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